Monday, January 30, 2012

Over the Horizon

Things have been rather hectic for the last couple of weeks as the semester has started up and I've assumed new responsibilities in the land of dayjobbery.  My reading rate has slowed down, and I've hardly made any progress on my own personal fiction writing.  Blogging has diminished as well,

This week will be the first "normal" week.  I'm hoping to post at least one or two reviews here every month in addition to smaller posts.  I've got a a number of eARCs and one or two paper ARCs publishers have sent me, but they're all fantasy, so those reviews will go up at Adventures Fantastic.  If I start getting any science fiction eARCs/ARCs, the rate of posting here will increase.  As I'm doing with fantasy/historical adventure, I'll try to review indie published books on a regular basis.

So what's in store of the next few months?

I've got an indie published novel by Mary Sisson that will probably be the next thing reviewed unless I decided to look at some short fiction first.  I've also got a couple of novellas in ebook format.  The recent Solaris Rising anthology has been sitting there calling to me for about six weeks; I need to answer the call. 

I'd like to finish Jack Vance's Planet of Adventure series.  I've looked at the first two, and have two to go.  Those would be good tie-ins to the John Carter film. Sword and Planet stories are a little tricky.  Are they science fiction, or are they really fantasy in sf drag?  Depends on how you squint at them.  Although I'm trying not to do much of this, I may cross post anything related to John Carter to both blogs.

ConDFW is in a few weeks, and I'll be attending that.  (Probably cross post the con report, since the con will have both fantasy and science fiction.)  While I'm there, I'm going to try to do some more interviews.  Hopefully I can get my first interview up on this site.  All the previous ones have been posted at Adventures Fantastic

Between what I've listed here and all the fantasy I've got to review, I have plenty to keep me busy.  Thanks to everyone who follows this blog, and to everyone who has recently starting following, good to have you along.

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